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Angelie Melzer
Angelie is a Master Instructor at Team Pilates.  Angelie began studying Pilates back in 1988 due to severe Scoliosis. As a result of her practice, she had a successful career as a professional Ballet dancer and is still surgery free today! She is an authorized Instructor Trainer for Balanced Body and has co-created and written several courses, manuals and DVDs, to include Balanced Body Continuing Education courses, a Pre and Post Natal Pilates DVD and Movement Therapy for Children Course Manual.  She worked as an adjunct professor for the University of Missouri and University of New Mexico, as well as guest faculty at Texas A&M.

She is the owner/founder of Team Pilates® an Educational/Training Organization Member of the Pilates Method Alliance®. Team Pilates® offers numerous continuing education courses in the Pilates Method, Pilates Movement Therapy for Children, Bosates® and Anatomy in 3D, as well as private sessions on the Pilates equipment, mat and standing work. She has completed continuing education courses in Pilates through DK Body Balancing, STOTT and Polestar. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management. She holds additional certifications as a Personal Trainer from ACE and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. She is a member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

Angelie started her Pilates training in 1988 due to severe Scoliosis and continued her Pilates training throughout her professional dance career. Angelie has performed and taught with numerous professional ballet companies throughout the United States including Colorado Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet, Dayton Ballet and Kansas City Ballet.

She currently holds the highest level of national certification in the Pilates Industry; a PMA Pilates Gold Certification®. She was one of the first individuals to take the PMA National Certification and obtain this status. She was originally certified by the PhysicalMind Institute in New York City in 1999 and became a Certifying Instructor/Teacher Trainer for them in the spring of 2003, certifying numerous Pilates practitioners throughout the United States. In addition, she has completed the Core Dynamics Teacher Training under the tutelage of Michelle Larssen.

Christina Sauer
Christina was born in California, raised in Washington her entire life. She has always been interested in exercise and health. Pilates became part of her life when she developed a chronic pain condition. Within months of Pilates, the benefits were obvious. "I feel better than I did when I was a teenager."
Christina entered a 488 hour, Pilates comprehensive training program through Balanced Body in 2008 and completed it in 2011. During that time, in 2009, she added a bone safety training for Pilates movements through TheraPilates based in Santa Cruz, CA. Christina has been implementing bone safety in all her Pilates classes in the Spokane, WA/Post Falls, ID areas. Balance and Fall prevention are key in bone safethy as well as nutrition. Christina is also a volunteer for American Bone Health Organization which provides resources and updated information on bone health.
"Pilates is movement; movement that brings our body into a state of equal loading on our structure against gravity. This movement makes it possible to be flexible and stronger which is essential to lead a pain free life. Pain is part of our deteriorating structure but with Pilates, we learn how to ease that or how to change our faulty movement patterns. I believe in improvement in movement, no matter what age."
She is certified through Balance Body since 2011 on all apparatus. She is also certified as a ACE Fitness Personal Trainer. She sought Pilates as a last resort for a chronic pain condition- severe tendonitis. After a year of Pilates, symptoms started to fade. Christina has made it her aim to help others give Pilates a chance. "It is so much more; the method is proved true by it's results." Christina has worked with clients who had have had structural deviations, osteoporosis, pelvic floor weakness and weak core.
"My aim is to always educate myself so that I may educate my clients or give them practical and enjoyable sessions."
Amanda Johnson, DPT

Amanda Johnson was introduced to Pilates though ballet while dancing with Missouri River Dance Company in Montana. While studying under master teacher Angelie Melzer, Amanda finished her Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from the University of West Florida and is a board certified Athletic Trainer. She has also instructed Pilates at the University of New Mexico and the University of West Florida as well as various other venues. Amanda recently graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy school from University of Montana and currently works in an outpatient clinic in Spokane, Washington. Amanda enjoys combining her knowledge of Pilates with rehabilitation techniques while instructing both private and group classes.

Shannon Wells
Being the daughter of a Navy seal, Shannon learned the value of athletics and exercise at a young age. Growing up she was always captivated by the incredible ability of the body to improve, adapt and be challenged. Shannon has a dance background in tap, jazz and cheerleading. In college (University of Colorado) she was on the Dance Team for 2 years and Cheerleading squad for 1 year. She competed nationally and taught at various camps and clinics throughout the state of Colorado for the UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) including creating choreography. Shannon was introduced to Pilates in 2010 as a way to help alleviate the stress and physical demands of pregnancy. She was amazed by how difficult it could be to perform the tiny, precise movements taught in Pilates. Shannon loved the unique exercises and immediate results she experienced with Pilates, so she decided to pursue the full 600 Hour Comprehensive training to become a certified Pilates instructor. Shannon has a passion for learning and wants to share Pilates with as many people as possible. She wholeheartedly agrees with Joseph Pilates when he said,“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” She also holds a B.A. in Communication, loves to read, and enjoys being with her Air Force husband and their 3 daughters.
Kate Cornwall

Kate discovered the value of Pilates in dance conditioning. She has danced her whole life and continues to teach tap, jazz, lyrical and modern. Studying with Angelie Melzer has helped her incorporate Pilates principles into dance classes as well as her own practice. Kate is continuing her training with Angelie to increase her knowledge and capabilities. Teaching is a passion of Kate’s and she wants to help others achieve their goals. She has taught dance since 1999 and Pilates since the spring of 2012. Kate is also a graduate student at Washington State University, studying environmental science. Pilates remains a consistent source of physical and mental stability from the daily pressures of a busy life. It is Kate’s hope to share the stability and flexibility Pilates offers with others.

Angela Mackie
Angela Bonacorsi Mackie has been an avid athlete and physical mover all of
her life.

She is certified in Pilates mat and apparatus through the Physical Mind

Working with physical therapists in post rehabilitation and through her own
trainings, she has a unique way of working with the body through movement.
Angela is a sports enthusiast enjoying: snowboarding, soccer, mountain
biking, golf, and hiking with her dogs. Her goal is for an individual to
create an enhancement in body awareness during sports performance and
functional everyday activities by using the body and mind connection and
making fitness fun.

Elizabeth Seymore
Elizabeth (Libby) Seymore is grateful for having found Team-Pilates! Her interest in this lifelong discipline started in 2011 to current, working as a Sports Specialist at Fairchild AFB. This study compliments her 15 years experience with her Bachelors Exercise Science from EWU, along with work as a Public Health Educator, Tobacco Cessation Instructor, Corporate level Wellness Administrator and Senior Fitness Instructor. Libby is focusing her instructional training on implementing a functional fitness lifestyle, because that's what we all do. She enjoys her time with her wonderful husband and Pilates practice partner, along with her adult children. Also, her dogs, gardening, dehydrating foods and learning the art of making live food. We keep what we have by giving it away. "The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power." - Joseph H. Pilates, letter to clients, 1939
Michelle Gendusa
Michelle has been teaching yoga and fitness for more than 10 years. She started her career off as a Group Fitness Instructor after her second daughter was born and in the last several years, after discovering a love and passion for yoga is close to obtaining her RYT through YogaFit. Michelle is also an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and holds a Masters degree in Social Work. In her free time, Michelle enjoys training for half marathons, hiking and spending time with her 2 daughters.
Elizabeth Boswell-Jones

Master Pilates Teacher, Movement Educator, and B.A.N.I. Childbirth Educator, Elizabeth Jones-Boswell, M.Ed., PMA-CPT began her career as a dancer. Following a severe injury, she underwent two back surgeries (laminectomy and subsequent removal of a bone fragment) in 1980.

Doctors told her she would neither dance again nor be able to endure pregnancy and childbirth.

She embraced the exercise system based on the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates as a means to recovery, which gave rise to her own rehabilitative techniques. By combining Pilates' work with her many years of exercise and dance training, as well as studies in Alexander, Bartinieff, and Feldenkrais, she now has a system of exercise that will work on any body.

In 1984 Elizabeth founded the Physical Conditioning Centre (Houston, TX), which accommodated over 350 appointments weekly by 2001. In that year, she sold her facility and moved to Spokane where she sees private clients and conducts teacher-training workshops and lectures. She was granted the distinction of master teacher in 2000. Her continued studies have been with master teachers Carola Trier, Ron Fletcher, Alan Herdman, Eve Gentry and her protege Michele Larsson.

She created and appears on the mat work section of the video "Jaclyn Smith's Workout for Beauty and Balance." Elizabeth, mother of four, created a companion set (book and DVD) entitled "Exercise for Pregnancy and Beyond: A Pilates-based Approach for Women". An article about her DVD and book appeared in January 2011 on "Spokane Savvy". She also has developed three exercise videos for her clients and is planning another for public release in the near future.

Elizabeth's mission is to empower clients with the education, inspiration and tools necessary to awaken their body, mind, and spirit through safe Pilates-based exercises and other movement therapies to create a balance of strength and flexibility for a lifetime of joy and physical health.

Kris Duke
Kris Duke is originally from the Spokane area, but has also lived in Denver, CO and Las Vegas, NV. Kris’s interest in physical fitness started when she was a college student. Her interest started with aerobics and weight training at SFCC. Thirteen years ago she hesitantly ventured into an adult ballet class while her young daughters were taking their own classes. She liked it so much, that she started taking floor barre and Pilates, which were also offered as part of the adult class schedule.

Three years ago, Kris discovered how Pilates can bring a person back from injuries and make someone stronger than they were before. When Kris’s daughter Tori was recovering from back and ankle injuries due to dance, Kris found Angelie Melzer to help her daughter rehabilitate her body. Angelie insisted that Kris would be an excellent instructor, and with a little bit of convincing, Kris took her first Balanced Body course, Body Barre. Kris instantly fell in love with Pilates. Since then she has gone on to receive her certifications from Balanced Body in Pilates Mat and Springboard.

Kris continues to grow everyday in her love and appreciation of Pilates. She also enjoys meeting new people and helping them discover what their body is capable of with proper Pilates training.

Rod Melzer
Rod is currently finishing up his 24 year career as an officer in the Air Force.  He is currently stationed at Fairchild AFB as the commander of the 22nd SERE squadron.  Although new to teaching Pilates, Rod has been around the industry for over 20 years due to his connection with is wife, Angelie Melzer. :).  He is excited to be a part of the Team at Team Pilates.  He is the father of 3 little boys, which is the most exciting part of his life....aside from his marriage to Angelie, of course!
Mary Beth Murphy
Mary Beth has been instructing Pilates and Yoga for 13 years. She holds a 500+ hour Yoga certification from the Yoga Alliance and studied the Stott Pilates Mat Method, Reformer and Chair.  She considers herself to be extremely knowledgeable in the pure form techniques and alignment of Joseph’s original principles and how they have evolved to modern day practice.
She is the previous owner of a successful Yoga Pilates studio on the northside (Positive Power at the Y), and has taught credit yoga and Pilates at Whitworth University for several years.
Scott Bishop
Scott was a competitive weightlifter at the University of Colorado and received a degree in Physical Education.  He then became a Strength Coach at Mesa College in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Scott received a great deal of inspiration from practicing Hatha and Inyengar Yoga with Mohamaud Hosseni, Iyengar Yoga Master from Boulder, CO.  Scott has studied Yoga in Richmont, CA as well with Rodney Yee and Jason Crandell from Yoga Journal.  Scott received a certification in Iyengar Yoga at the Center for Yoga of Seattle.  
When not teaching Yoga in Spokane, Scott holds classes at the Yoga Sol in Carson City, NV.  Any spare time is spent working at the Mead School District in Spokane, WA.
Avril Stevenson
Avril Stevenson is originally from Missoula, Montana. She started dancing at the age of eight with Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre and received her BA in Dance from The University of Montana in 2004. During that time Avril was introduced to Pilates as dance conditioning. In 2005, Avril moved to the San Francisco area to pursue her career in dance and performed in a number of modern dance companies. In 2006, Avril started her training to become a Pilates instructor with Ellie Herman in San Francisco. She taught at Ellie Herman’s Studio/The Center in Oakland and Ironworks Rock Gym in Berkeley from 2007- 2009. In 2009, Avril moved back to Missoula, MT and opened Studio D Pilates & Gallery and taught at the University of Montana until 2014. During that time she began working with Rhizoterra, as the project manager, and decided to move with the company to Spokane. Avril enjoys teaching Pilates and is excited to teach for Team Pilates Spokane.
Tami Miller
I graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. I went on to do medical research to help others. While doing research I began to teach Biology, Biochemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and Physiology to pre-med students so that they could reach their goals of becoming Physicians. I found a passion that I never knew I had - a passion for helping people to reach their goals.

Like many Americans, I did not think about the food that I ate and I paid for it in weight and not feeling well. I started on a journey to eat healthier by slowly adding great foods into my diet to crowd out the bad ones. I became an avid CrossFit junkie and foodie. Once I started to feel amazing, I realized that I wanted to continue on my journey of helping others to reach their goals of having the best life possible. I have certifications in Personal Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Childhood Nutrition, Diet and Weight Loss, and Health and Fitness. I am currently completing a certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and will be continuing into a Master's Program in Nutrition. Helping others to rediscover their love of life and real food is a passion.

Ashley Mach
Ashley Mach is a certified Pilates instructor through Pilates Sports Center.  Ashley comes from a background of being very non athletic she wanted a lifestyle that encouraged her to stay in shape and have more energy.  Ashley started to work out with Pilates in high school and college. Shortly after college she decided to pursue her passion in Pilates and enrolled in a 500 hour program through Pilates Sports Center. She received training in both modern and traditional Pilates techniques. As well as, a thorough knowledge in anatomy of the human body. Shortly after starting her training she started teaching as an apprentice and taught until she received her certification.
Andrea Hertzberg
Andrea recently relocated to Spokane, Washington from Joplin, Missouri and is loving all the outdoor activities the area has to offer! Her yoga journey started over 6 years ago with Power yoga and Ashtanga background. She fell in love with the practice as she noticed the way it changed her mind, body, and most importantly, her spirit. This love for yoga led her to become a Registered Yoga teacher, RYT 200 hours, in Hatha Vinyasa flow. Her training was a 9-month long course, through a Yoga Alliance registered studio, where she practiced different kinds of yoga styles, performed modules, and had required readings. In addition to her Yoga training, she has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation with the emphasis being in Community, Corporate, and Hospital Wellness. She is passionate about helping people and eager to share her love for yoga and overall health & wellness with others.
Leslie DoQui Sretenovic
Leslie has been teaching Yoga for over 30 years and was a professional modern dancer, so she knows movement!

"Leslie can easily teach to all student levels. She readily adapts her strengths to fit the demands of the participants and can jump into any class and apply her vast knowledge base to deliver what people expect."

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