What Pilates Studio in a Box is:


a place to LEARN about business.

Pilates Studio in a Box (PSIAB) is the brainchild of a Pilates Master instructor (who happened to have a business degree) and a        tenacious Business Guru (who happened to have a passion for Pilates) who got together to develop and share successful business techniques that work specifically for Pilates Studio owners. When the worlds of Pilates and solid business techniques align, there is much success to be had. You know about Pilates, now learn how to run a Pilates business.


a place to SHARE business ideas.

We have a lot of answers, but we know you've got mad skills too! PSIAB is all about creating an industry of successful business owners. 9 times out of 10, super secret studios afraid to share their busi ness techniques don't really HAVE successful business techniques. The most successful people SHARE their methods to success to benefit the industry of which they are passionate. Creating successful studios (yours AND all of the studios in your town) will do nothing but spread the goodness that is Pilates to the world, creating MORE opportunity for profitability for all of us… at least that's how we see it!


a place to GROW your business (and yourself.)

Unless you're lucky enough to have a business degree under your belt (and who had time for that, we were busy getting Pilates training!) the "business side" may not come naturally. Managing the day to day finances, marketing, employees/contractors, and schedules can demoralize and burn out any business owner. PSIAB has been there and now we know better. Learn how to manage ALL areas of your business with systems that will eventually run themselves! Money can open doors and get the areas of business ownership you don't enjoy off your plate. Imagine having the money to hire a studio manager, financial manager, marketing manager and/or front desk person. Growing your business to financial profitability can open those doors, PSIAB can help.


a place to interact with other Pilates studio owners.

Small business owners are a different breed, and Pilates Studio owners are no exception. You'll never meet a more tenasious and dedicated group. But we know that owning a business (even if its doing what you love) is just plain hard. It can feel like we're on an island alone sometimes when you eat, breath and sleep your business (we've all had THOSE dreams about your busi nesses right?) Believe it or not, there is someone else going through what you are… multiple someones. PSIAB will let you meet other owners with struggles just like yours, and triumphs just like yours! Finally someone else that truly understands how exciting it is that you booked every open private appointment you had this week! (Bonus: You can stop relying on your spouse for those kudos!)



What Pilates Studio in a Box is not:


a place to talk about all of your Pilates certifications/accomplishments.

We're proud of you, we really are. We've just found that an amazing Pilates background doesn't always translate into successful studio/business ownership. All business owners struggle at some point and we want a place that you can come to for answers, support or ideas to grow and help your business succeed, no training with an "elder" required!


a place to learn about the Pilates method.

There are so many amazing resources out there to help anyone interested in developing their Pilates technique. Pilates SIAB is not one of them. We're obsessed with Pilates too, but we're all business in this community. We're in the business of helping other Pilates obsessed people share their passion, oh, and by the way, make a great living while doing it!


a place to debate which Pilates "method" is the best.

One of the founders of PSIAB has a 25 year history in the Pilates Industry and has gone through 3 complete Pilates certifications just to "try out which was best." Over 5000 hours of training with a host of Pilates instructors (yes, even an "Elder" or two) leave her ready to debate Pilates Methods with the best of them. But, again, we're talking business here. Now if someone thought one particular Pilates method brought in more money than another, then YES, let's talk about it (and we do!) If it affects the bottom line, it's on the table. We all have our personal favorite Pilates method but this is not the place to talk about why.


a place to "spy" on the competition.

PSIAB believes so strongly in the Pilates method that we know that it can (and will!) benefit everyone who practices. It is with that thought that we truly believe that there are enough clients for ALL Pilates studios to be running successfully and profitably. While many studios feel they are in "competition" with other studios in their city, we look at it a little differently. We believe compe tition is a healthy way for all businesses to innovate and push to be their best. We've tried and tested SO MANY BUSINESS IDEAS and we share every one of them with the PSIAB community. We even believe in (gasp) collaborating with fellow studios to better serve the community and create relationships that are mutually beneficial for everyone. Imagine getting a call from your local competition studio with a client referral. Serving the community through Pilates is our primary goal. Making money while doing so is an AWESOME result of that service! If everyone in our communities knew how beneficial Pilates was, we would all have more clients than we knew what to do with!